Born in Protest

Born in protest of the payments industry trend of “churn & burn” boiler room sales and marketing operations-

Kore Payments provides a more relationship based experience.

We strive to connect our clients with each other, other service providers, and sales referrals as much as possible.

Quality Service

You won’t find sales reps that are here and gone in a couple of months. You won’t get fast talk and double speak.

We want to Know our Clients, We want to do Business with People we Like

Honest and Detailed

You’ll get an honest assessment and detailed attention to your business model.

Your Full Service Payments Solutions Provider



 We make sure to

honor our commitments


We are available to our clients

to answer questions, address concerns,

and provide solutions


We are not here for a transaction,

we are here for the long haul


We believe that honesty is the

best policy


We believe business relationships

should be beneficial to everyone involved